An issue in a Noble Cause

Sexism is a very current and controversial topic. That’s why in this post I shall proceed with caution. I’d like to start by clarifying that I hate sexism and totally support equality and all that. There are some interesting factors in all of this though. Firstly, the sexism/feminism issue. Sexism is discrimination and prejudice based on gender. That’s bad. Feminism is, according to, “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.” That should be an inherently good thing, in theory it totally works. Then again, in theory, communism works. That doctrine probably shouldn’t be called ‘feminism’. It should be something along the lines of ‘Equalitarianism’ really, wanting equal rights for men and women, ‘feminism’ suggests the belief that women should replace men in the areas where men have historically been the dominant sex, politics, manual labour etc. And in terms of jobs, this has improved in recent history.

Then there are things like the Everyday Sexism movement. This movement is designed to raise awareness if the sexism that is, unfortunately almost ingrained in modern society. They have a Twitter account where they Retweet women (and to a lesser extent men)’s tales of encountering sexism in everyday life. Most of the examples include leering/verbal harassment in the street or workplace, often with men shouting obscene and offensive things at them. That’s all wrong and I support them for doing something about it. However, I spotted one retweeted tale where the woman in question was shocked at being turned away from a questionnaire simply for being female. That is not necessarily sexism. The fact of the matter here is that men and women ARE different. There are obviously biological differences, and there are differences in many other aspects too.

Studies, psychological studies in particular, may have to be gender-specific. They might be investigating an issue for which they need either only male or only female participants. Because of that, it is wrong to accuse this particular study if sexism without knowing the full details. The woman who pointed the finger of sexism at this study should be told outright that she was wrong and frankly ignorant to do that. Don’t just assume you know all the details! You don’t! Get off your high horse and think about it for a bloody second. Don’t be a moron, not everything that distinguishes between sexes is sexist. Sometimes NOT differentiating could be sexist. Imagine launching into a rant at a man because he can’t give birth, that’d be like fielding a pebble in a football match and moaning because it was lazy. Getting angry at the guy for something he, as a male, is unable to do would be sexist.

The person/people who run the Twitter account should also consider this. What they’re doing is noble and admirable, but when you allow that sort of thing to masquerade is undeniable sexism, you’re undermining everything else you rightly categorise as unacceptable prejudice.


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