Watching the University Exodus

In a move away from my usual blog post formula – Pick modern social phenomenon, articulate phenomenon-related anger/frustration – today I am going to sum up a few feelings that arise from most of my peers and, yes, friends, leaving for university. Feelings? In a blog post? I know, I wouldn’t usually like it either, but here goes.

Firstly, I’m happy for them. They’ve all worked hard to get there, and they all utterly deserve it, whether they’re off to Cambridge to backflip and write poetry, or to Winchester where I assume my friend Alex will just have a nice cold pint and wait for all this to blow over (that joke would be so much better were he called Shaun). They’re all highly talented in the areas they’ve chosen to study, whether that’s an exceptional ability to write, or creativity and finesse in graphics, and I have no doubt that, when they eventually realise they’ll have to do some work rather than just drink/party and play Sopio, they’ll do very well and likely come out the other side with 1sts and 2:1s.

A sub-emotion I feel due to all this is the enjoyment I have from the variety of degree subjects being embarked upon. From Music to Natural sciences, Psychology to Archaeology. You could go to a concert, discover the physics behind the playing of instruments, the music that was existent in the Incan society and why people like listening to music at all, they’ve got pretty much everything covered between the lot of them.

Secondly, I’m sad that they’re all leaving. Sadness is a very selfish emotion really, especially in this scenario. I really should be only delighted for them, but I will miss my friends, the hilarity, the genuinely meaningful conversations, and just the general merriment. They’re probably all somewhat sad about leaving home, but they’re able to console themselves with the thought that the beginning of university signifies a new chapter in their lives (gosh, that was an awfully clichéd way of expressing that sentiment). The last 2 years in sixth form with all these wonderful people have been just splendid, and I hope that all my friends enjoy the coming years of university as much, and maybe more, than they did the last 2 years.

Enjoy uni guys.


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About Mark Dolan

Hello there, I'm Mark, a 21 year old English archaeology student. I write about various things; archaeology, musings on my life, and various bits of society that I have something to say about.

3 responses to “Watching the University Exodus”

  1. michaelalexanderchaney says :

    Heartfelt post, that. I think sadness is rarely a singular emotion. I find that it’s frequently intermingled with other thoughts and feelings. You show great wisdom, though, in suggesting your own sadness to be tinged with selfishness. Only the very best and kindest people ever seem to think so.


  2. haruspis says :

    I’ll change my name to Shaun, just for you. :P

    It honestly feels incredibly weird to look back at when we were all together as a group, it was only 2 weeks ago but already feels like I’ve been at uni for ages. Very much looking forward to seeing you all again during the Christmas holidays. :)


    • Mark Dolan says :

      I’d very much appreciate that :P Yeah, it suddenly seems like our group is something to see nostalgically, it’s odd. Christmas holidays should be good, lots of uni stories I expect!


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