Tattoos in Their Various Guises

People do odd things. People have always done odd things, and they probably always will. To me, tattoos can be very odd. Most people will get tattoos for fairly legitimate reasons, maybe to serve as a tribute to a lost loved one, maybe to spark conversations about something, but sometimes they can be stranger.

One thing I really don’t like is when people get tattoos for the sake of getting a tattoo. In the past year, many of my peers have turned eighteen and a surprising number have got tattoos. The consensus on some is that they look good, on others that it’s a regrettable mistake. Either way, a good number don’t seem to have much significance whatsoever. Maybe they just want to have a tattoo as a status symbol, showing that they’re individual and rebellious. But when you pick a design that the tattooist suggests, you’re far from individual. As for rebellious, waiting until you’re legally free to do it isn’t much of a statement. They’re likely to change their minds about wanting to stick it to the man, at which point they might begin to wonder why they ever felt the need to get a pointless picture permanently drawn onto their arm.

Another ridiculous thing that’s sometimes done by people, and I have a person in mind who sparked this particular anger, is when people get a tattoo of something like a cross. The cross is a symbol of the death of Jesus and isn’t a fashion piece. If you are in no way Christian or religious at all, what are you doing getting the cross tattooed on yourself? If you yourself have done this, then I’m asking you what possible justification you have for doing it.

Some people take tattooing too far. I cannot see the appeal in covering yourself in pointless tattoos that don’t mean anything, and are going to do nothing more than make it more difficult for you to get a job. Take that guy who’s been on The Jeremy Kyle Show a couple of times who’s got a tattoo of a skull on his face. Mate, what are you doing? I don’t tend to feel like I’d get on with most of Mr Kyle’s guests but that guy really is something else, it’s almost amusing in a pitiful and despairing kind of way.

Tattoos are a big thing for celebrities too. Cheryl Cole recently got that ridiculous butt rose tattoo, and probably more than half of all the premier league footballers have tattoos. Musicians especially love them, and one of the blokes from McFly has a tattoo on his foot that says ‘Athlete’s’. That one I like.


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