Oh for a theme

Blogging is not an easy endeavour. It takes up time, demands attention, and makes you hate the sight of a barren word document. And there’s no pressure on you to write anything at all, so why bother? Because you started it, and you pledged that you’d keep it up. Man, that was stupid.

Thousands, if not millions, of people around the world have blogs, and although many will end up on the Internet’s scrapheap many are updated regularly and in keeping with that blog’s theme. And there it is. A theme. The thread that runs through all the posts, keeping it together, driving the blog, acting as a directory, showing potential readers to the corners of the interweb where pieces of writing have been directed at them. People who are interested in Doctor Who will read blogs that are about Doctor Who. People whose lives revolve around football, and a specific club, may look for blogs about that club. It all makes sense when you think about it. But why follow logic and reasoning when creating a blog? That would be utterly ridiculous. Ha, Logic.

People tend to have themes for their blogs in order to help gain a base of readers who have similar interests. They may base them on what they know a lot about, a blog will not often stray far from what that person would choose as their specialist subject on Mastermind. One of my friends writes largely about Halo or Doctor Who, having written reviews, case studies, and analyses of both. He can do this well because he knows both subjects pretty much inside out. If I were to follow a similar tack, you’d be reading an in depth study of the different themes and characters of Scrubs. Likely to have less of a pull I wager.

Another reason for a theme in a blog is to direct the posts. If you have a theme, you know what you’re writing about. If this was a blog full of reviews of television shows, then I’d watch a new programme, and then proceed to pick holes in the plot, or the casting, or the direction, costume and lighting before ending the post by abhorring the show and pleading with my readers not to watch it, unless of course it is so bad it’s actually quite entertaining. That’s how most objective reviews of things seem to go, people love being critical, and it gives others something to moan about, everybody wins. Maybe if I had a political blog I’d scour The Times to find the latest parliamentary debate and then articulate everything that’s wrong with our government, topping my article with a thick layer of doom and just a sprinkling of gloom. Unless of course it was the Jam Debate that had been hotly contested in recent days, then I could just copy John Finnemore’s satirical overview of it from The Now Show, changing it slightly and aiming it at a different demographic in the hope I’d be able to revel in the praise truly due to Mr. Finnemore. In that case maybe I’d add a little political cartoon, to separate my blog from the hoi polloi of political-ish blogs. What is a political blog without a shred of whimsy?

Rather than meticulously planning my blog theme, or even stumbling upon a theme as I wrote, I’ve ended up with a stuttering, confused blog that spans Instagram, through history, to politics and even a fanciful imagination of archaeology in the future. Even though when my friend and I were discussing this issue prior to starting blogs I had an idea that it would consist of ill-defined ‘rants’ about the social or political issues of the day, that lack of a concrete base has led to the coma my blog has descended into in recent weeks. Anyway, hopefully now it’s woken up for a while, probably should’ve used that time to conceive a theme. Oh well.  


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About Mark Dolan

Hello there, I'm Mark, a 21 year old English archaeology student. I write about various things; archaeology, musings on my life, and various bits of society that I have something to say about.

3 responses to “Oh for a theme”

  1. Bill says :

    This sure resonates with me. Despite several vows to keep my blog focused on a theme, not long after doing so I’d find myself ranting about something seemingly unrelated to my supposed theme. These days I’ve decided to just go with it. I came across a quote from Terence recently that seemed appropriate, “I am a man; therefore I deem nothing human to be outside my interest.”
    (Another variation is “I am a human. I consider nothing human to be alien to me.”)


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