Arrogance, Ignorance and Petulance – The Career of Justin Bieber

The squirming pop weasel that is Justin Bieber now has a video of his deposition as part of the case surrounding his arrest for drag racing under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Normally when I write about something there’ll be one thing I take issue with and I’ll focus on this. In this instance, I am having real trouble deciding where to start.

Bieber’s popularity has skyrocketed since he was discovered in 2008 by Scooter Braun and subsequently signed to his and Usher’s joint label. Now, to have been picked up like this Bieber must have had some singing ability, that’s fine, but his attitude, antics and fans since then have mutated into something truly disgusting. His behaviours have included storming off stage, once because someone threw a bottle at him. I don’t condone the throwing of a bottle at anyone, but it seems Bieber views himself in a similar mould as the rockstars of old, the Osbournes, the Alice Coopers, the Bowies, the Daltrys, the Morrisons. Would any one of those petulantly storm off in that situation? There’s more chance of Joey Essex cracking Cold Fusion. He attempted to own a pet monkey, that’s almost rock worthy, if not original, but gave up when asked for paperwork. I’d love to see him try to keep up with Alice Cooper on a night out in his heyday. He’s also been filmed urinating in a bucket shouting “F*** Bill Clinton”. Oh, the boy knows politics too! We should get him on question time, ‘bout time there was someone in the public eye who really knew what they’re on about. Not only has he done these types of things, but who can forget his longing for one more ‘belieber’ in the form of Anne Frank. Even when confronted with her plight his only thought was himself, impressive focus. And now his actions have caught up with him, time to see some sense right? Nope.

In his deposition Bieber proceeds to one-up everyone who’s ever critiqued him. His arrogance is astounding, his petulance is stunning, his attempts at sarcasm wit and logic are as logical as his fans and his grasp of the English language is mystifying. And he seems to view himself as a mix of The Fonz, adjusting his jacket halfway through and Don Corleone, imitating Marlon Brando’s distinctive voice with the enquiry “Before you came here, you’d asked me?”. In the deposition he fields a variety of questions, responding with non-sequiturs he clearly would deem pithy, including when asked whether he had disciplined Mr Hesney [his bodyguard]? Bieber’s response was to ask ‘what kind of question is that?’ and proceed to enquire ‘Is he my son?’. Either a sarcastic response, or maybe a genuine concern considering he had no recollection of whether he’d been to Australia and resorted to asking his lawyer whether he had. I think his arrogance is typified by his smirking, raising his arms and exclaiming ‘Guess what? I don’t recall’. During the course of the deposition he proceeded to raise his eyebrows and fain sleep to further his classy impression. He even winked at the camera, proving categorically his ignorance, stupidity and over-inflated sense of self-worth. When asked about his former flame, Selena Gomez, he waggled his finger and with increasing irritation told the interviewer not to ask him about her again. And when asked whether Usher had been instrumental in launching his career, Bieber replied “I’m detrimental to my own career” before being staunchly misquoted by his lawyer who immediately claimed he said instrumental. Maybe not what he meant to say, but a whole lot more accurate.

I could write so much more about the problems with his entire demeanour and answers in that deposition, but I’d like to move onto the reaction of his fans. They’ve taken to Twitter in their droves, as they always do, to make light of his deposition, to adopt screenshots of him as answers to every fictitious question they can dream up and to praise his apparent wit and sass. A few examples of the sorts of tweets that have popped up:

Bieber 2

This one is using a picture from his deposition after being arrested for drink driving, and use of drugs while driving. Many would say that makes him a bad role model, very logical.

Bieber 3

The main issue I have with his fans is that they’ll blissfully defend him of any action without any knowledge of the issue, they’re blind to his abundant faults and they worship him. This level of obsession is damaging to them, and it fuels Bieber’s egotistical and narcissistic fire, leading him to believe he’s invincible and incapable of wrongdoing. And if you don’t believe that his fans can be as irrational as I’ve suggested, check out this clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live:


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